16 Best DIY Pallet Kitchen Furnitures Which Can Save Your Kitchen Space

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Having DIY pallet kitchen furniture will be so adorable since it looks more rustic and unique. It is also affordable because it may recycle the used woods. One more, it is popular to have pallet furniture now. Do you want some ideas? Here are some ideas of DIY pallet kitchen which you can design and improve by yourself. Especially for those who need to save the space in your kitchen.

You have some wine collection and you don’t want to march them on your kitchen table? The answer is a wine rack. The good thing is it is not only keep your wine bottle but also the goblets. So, you will have one furniture for multiple functions.

To be specific, it is a floating pallet wine bar where you can store your wine as well as use it as a table. The pallet is attached to the wall and you can see the hollow space is used for storing the wine bottles. Then, you can eat and drink on the table right onto the wine storage. Accompany this unique DIY pallet kitchen with some bar stools and decorate the bar as you like.

It is a perfect idea for you who loves coffee or open a café. Besides to put your coffee mugs, it also can be used for exhibiting your mug collection. The display of the mugs will ease you to grab it one and start to enjoy your coffee.

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